By selecting doesn't end recruitment

We believe the work of a good HR agency does not simply end with searching for and selecting the right candidate or candidates. That's why we focus on other areas where we can provide added value for our customers' and offer them greater trouble-free business solutions.


We create a career video that will not act as mere glitter but a video that will present you and your products truly and with the right amount of creativity. Our goal is to listen to your needs, corporate culture and to attract the right target candidates.

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Employer branding today is one of the key factors not only when recruiting new employees, but also when retaining them. At a time when work portals are a totally insufficient tool, it is necessary to look at the process of recruitment a little differently. We use a combination of classic and online marketing, we are not afraid of fresh and innovative solutions thereby maximizing quality for our customers.


How many times have you said that a candidate or a new employee is like a glacier for you and you see only a small part of them above the surface? Yes it's right. Our goal is to reveal to you the rest of the iceberg - the true characteristics of the candidate – those which are hidden beneath the surface. To achieve this, we have teamed up with an international professional partner who is able to precisely identify a personal profile, thinking styles, behavioural features, but also the professional orientation of the candidate and all this with a high degree of precision to determine their suitability for a particular position.


We are well aware of the important role of information in the business world today. In order for our customers to have the competitive advantage when addressing not only young talent but also specialized and experienced professionals, we can supply market information in the form of salary and benefit research, or employee preferences.


Since we are not bound by corporate rules, we fully accept the individuality of each of our customers and can therefore identify the differences between each of their unique needs. If the customer does not like a standard solution, we will always try to find an individual approach that suits them.

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