The Chemistry division


The Chemistry division focuses on the recruitment of specialists in food, chemistry, and pharmacy, placing an emphasis on gaining a deep understanding of our customer's requirements.

The Chemistry team is accustomed and in the specifics of the field, appreciates current trends and benefits from years of experience. Our recruiters seek and select candidates of the highest professional level, are famous for their good knowledge of the field and have access to an extensive network of candidates. Helping to maintain our above-average level of service is our unique quality assurance system.

Most frequently occupied job positions - laboratory specialist, development engineer, technologist of production, product technologist, a technician in the chemical industry, food technologist, production manager, quality manager, laboratory manager, ...


„Oceňuji pružnost a rychlost při vyhledávání hodných kandidátů a pochopení obsahu a požadavků na jednotlivé pracovní pozice, což je v chemickém průmyslu někdy velmi náročné. S agenturou a jejími zaměstnanci, se kterými komunikuji jsem velmi spokojená.“

Markéta Hinaisová, Human Resources Specialist

ALS Czech Republic, s.r.o.

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