1. Information on processing of personal data

  1. I hereby acknowledge that in the context of job placement intermediation, Advantage Consulting, s.r.o., with its registered office in Brno, Orlí 708/36, Brno-město, postcode 602 00 and AC Jobs, s.r.o., with registered office in Brno, Orlí 708/36, Brno-město, postcode 602 00, company ID: 269 62 985 (hereinafter referred to as "intermediaries") each as a personal data controller in accordance with Act No. 110/2019 Coll., On Personal Data Processing and on Amendments to Some Acts, as amended (the "Personal Data Protection Act"), respectively general regulation on personal data protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council) can process my personal data that I voluntarily provide to them for the purpose of job placement intermediation, including the presentation of data to potential employers and the use of my electronic contact (i.e. my e-mail address) to provide job offers to my person.
  2. The intermediaries process the data that I provide to them also in the fulfillment of their statutory obligations, in particular Act No. 435/2004 Coll., On Employment, as amended.
  3. Personal data processed under the preceding paragraph include data provided via forms, questionnaires, CVs or in the context of mutual communication between me and the intermediaries, or other data that arise from their own activities based on my actions.

    Personal data in the above sense also means, in particular, personal data (including photographs included in the CV) and information concerning my person (including the name, surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, contact details (telephone, e-mail, place of residence) information on the acquired education and experience, data on other knowledge and skills and other data that I provided in the form of a CV including its electronic form or personal or telephone interview about my person). I confirm the truthfulness and veracity of all the information I have disclosed, communicated or otherwise provided.

  4. The provision of all data is entirely voluntary, but the refusal to provide data related to job placement intermediation may result in a restriction or exclusion of the possibility of to ensure employment intermediation by the intermediaries.
  5. I also acknowledge that my personal data can be processed both by automated means and manually, both by our staff and by designated processors whose current list will be provided on request to each of the intermediaries.
  6. I further acknowledge that my personal data will be passed on to third parties - potential employers who can further process my personal data as other data controllers in order to make an offer to terminate the employment relationship.
  7. I also take note of the fact that, in the case of mediation of employment and the conclusion of an employment or similar contract with a third party on the basis of the activity of intermediaries, my personal data will be handed over (to the extent necessary to determine my wage, i.e. payroll data , wage bill, etc.) to intermediaries by a third party - my employer, in order to fulfil mutual contractual obligations between these entities.
  8. Personal data I provide will be kept for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing this personal data (ie for three (3) years) or until written withdrawal of this consent with one of the intermediaries by myself (sent to the address of the intermediaries: odhlasit@acjobs.cz), where the withdrawal of the consent from one of the intermediaries is deemed to be the withdrawal of this consent from both of them and for the period of ten (10) years after the termination of the contractual relationship with the intermediaries, however solely for the purpose of protecting the legitimate interest of the intermediaries which is the defence in the event of a potential dispute.
  9. I was informed of my right to access, correct or delete my personal data, or to restrict their processing, the right to object to the processing of my personal data, and the right to transferability of my personal data that I may exercise separately for each of the intermediaries or individual entities to whom my personal data has been passed as further data controllers. I was also briefed on my right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection. With details of how my rights can be exercised, as well as other details regarding the processing of my personal information by the intermediaries, I have become familiar with the Privacy Policy found at https://www.acjobs.cz/en/article/protection-of-personal-data.

2. Agreement with the processing of personal data and sending commercial communications

Beyond the framework and scope of personal data in clause 1, which are processed by the intermediaries based on the legal title mentioned under letter (a) of clause 1, by ticking the appropriate box for each of the consents, I agree to have my personal data and any other information relating to me that I have communicated to or that I will communicate to the intermediaries or which has been legally obtained from third parties or which the intermediaries obtained from their own activities, processed, collected and stored for the purpose of:

  1. sending commercial communications by each of the intermediaries, including offering additional services related to job placement intermediation.

    Consent No. 1: I agree with the processing of my personal data for marketing purposes, and I also agree with the sending of commercial communications (including through electronic contacts) by each of the intermediaries.

    (refusal to grant this consent has no effect on job placement, in the case of non-granting of this consent, intermediaries are entitled to send me business communications regarding similar services to my address, e-mail address or via SMS to my phone number unless I disagree with this marketing addressing or sending each individual message, by a notification sent to one of the intermediaries: odhlasit@acjobs.cz, where the withdrawal of the consent from one of the intermediaries is considered as withdrawal of consent from both)

  2. statistical processing by each of the intermediaries in order to improve the services provided by the intermediaries

    Consent No. 2: I agree with the processing of my personal data, their statistical evaluation in order to improve the services provided by each of the intermediaries.

    (refusal to grant this consent has no effect on job placement intmediation)