We talked to Radim Fiala, a mentor of Advantage Consulting, about making creative videos.

In the Czech Republic, more than 60% of employees think they could improve their careers but are not actively looking for jobs. They are so-called passive candidates. And it is these candidates that companies are starting to target. When addressing people, it is important to be innovative and stand out from the competition and at the same time reach the right target group of candidates.

Most videos follow the proven, typical format of corporate presentations. These promote its corporate culture, benefits and the typical working day for its employees. Career video is a new but increasingly used form of approaching candidates within the job market. It has been proven that these innovative videos attract their attention.

Radim, why is it advantageous to have a creative video?

Nowadays, every company is looking for new, innovative and more efficient ways of introducing and presenting itself. Research suggests that short visual presentations deliver desired effects on several different levels. Combining modern channels and technologies with precise advertising targeting enables companies to reach more people and subjects than any other form. Additionally, videos are very effective because they are absorbed on both the visual and audio levels. Therefore the resulting format offers unparalleled possibilities of perception, each detail playing an invaluable role.

And how is it actually made? Who is the target group?

The process of creation always goes hand in hand with creative synergy and with the wishes and desires of a client who seeks the most effective form to express their ideas. I always say that the story and the format "sells". The main aim is always to find the best way of combining the message and the format so as to reach and attract the widest range of viewers. And if the video reaches, attracts and recruits new employees, the initial costs are recouped manyfold.

What needs to be done during preparation?

In this case, there are no limits to creativity. There are infinite possibilities that are only limited by our own imagination.

How does it actually work, if it's not a secret?

Not at all! When we agree the story, format and message of the video with the client, a storyboard is created. This is the film, frame by frame, as in a comic book and it gives the client a better idea of the overall impression of the video. Then casting takes place, the selection process for the cast members, followed by preparation and then on “D” Day the actual shooting of the film. Subsequently, the film is cut, pasted, edited, mixed and finished to the desired result in post-production. In order to avoid disappointment, approval procedure must be followed and a targeted campaign can be launched immediately, according to the agreed timetable. This instantly reaches potential end-users through social networks and channels.