Quadient Technologies Czech s.r.o.

"Czech R&D centre is a part of the globally operating company Quadient, where IT specialists have real influence on the right choice of technology.“

Who is Quadient?

  • Company which uses innovative technologies.
  • Teamwhich is capable of constructive discussion.
  • Specialistswho develop their expertise and abilities.
  • People with their heart on the right place who know how to make a good deed.
  • People who enjoy everyday life and work together.

What is it that we do? We develop a cloud solution DX Builder

Cloud DX Builder enables creating and managing mobile applications without any knowledge of programming. It helps large corporations and smaller organizations digitalize necessary agenda in the low code editor environment. DX Builder takes care of both code and publication into IOS/Android store. Individual parts of the application are stored centrally as components; therefore they can be used freely and repeatedly.Rebranding or a new functionality is just a matter of few clicks. Companies managing CCM and CX acquire unique components that enhance the value of the application in terms of content personalization, context and monitoring regulatory compliance.

    • It is a part of the cloud platform Quadient which runs in MS Azure.
    • Apart from standard general purpose languages C#, TypeScript, Bobril, it uses own domain specific languages.
    • It works on MS Azure, Apache Kafka, Chakra Core, BTDB technologies.

Why are we at the top in our field?

  • We have created our own style of development that we regularly improve together.
  • Most of our products are multiplatform.
  • We develop and test automatically using IntelliJ Idea, MS tools and others.
  • We control the projects in YouTrack and TestRail.
  • We continually improve and accelerate Continous Integration and Delivery.
  • QA developers are part of each team.
  • We work with Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, internal technology radar etc.
  • We hold ISO and CMMI certificates.

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