Konica Minolta - DWP

We are creating new products with the sharpness of Katana“


employees: 40

Avg. project duration: 1-2 years

What we do:

We develop new key products and we influence the way we work in the real time. There is also great thing that we can see the results of our changes on the spot. We are looking for open and smart creative minds.

Functionalities of product:


  • Agile SW development
  • Clean code policy
  • SW Architecture
  • UX design
  • SOLID principles
  • Prototyping & Technology discovery
  • Advanced CI
  • Modern automated QA
  • Virtualization

Technology overview:

  • Java EE, Spring
  • C#, .NET Core
  • Angular 2, HTML5
  • Automated QA frameworks
  • KVM, LXD
  • Ubuntu
  • Wide range of middleware SW


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Valeriya Grigoryeva

+420 739 290 528
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